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Title: Dysfunction 03/??
Rating: T
Notes: Last chapter for a while, yo. Sorry~
Something beautifulCollapse )

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Title: It's Just Another Love Song [Longing]
Rating: K+
Warnings: Not really
Spoilers: ...Only for the very very beginning of the game if you've never played it.
Notes: Popular lyric from Hellogoobye's "Here In Your Arms".

Hello, I miss you quite terribly.Collapse )

Title: It's Just Another Love Song [Temptation]
Rating: K+
Warnings: Possible OOC, traces of humor
Spoilers: Yah, a little.
Notes: You all know the cut scene.

Do not give in.Collapse )

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Title: It's Just Another Love Song [Breathe]
Rating: K+
Warnings: Implied pairings, possible interpretation of AxelSora, which I hate.
Spoilers: YEP!!!

It felt like his breath had stopped in his throat.Collapse )

Title: It's Just Another Love Song [Hollow]
Rating: K+
Warnings: Very implied; almost can be interpreted as SoraRoxas, which I hate.
Spoilers: If you squint hard enough and interpret correctly, yes.

Such an action could only be triggered by the heart.Collapse )

Title: It's Just Another Love Song [Hallucination]
Rating: T for insanity
Warnings: Insanity
Spoilers: Yep, mildly.

His selfishness cost him.Collapse )

Title: It's Just Another Love Song [Leisure]
Rating: K
Warnings: WAFF
Spoilers: Nah.

You like the beach.Collapse )

Title: It's Just Another Love Song [Abandoned]
Rating: K+
Warnings: Not really
Spoilers: Yeppers.

You liar.Collapse )

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Happily Ever After 03Collapse )

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

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Unedited version for kiyokushitaka's birthday. XD I had to edit it for dA...

yay smut!Collapse )

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It’s the morning after
And everything that he eats
Tastes like blood, tastes like

He tries to get rinse it all away,
But just like his fingers are stained crimson,
It’s permanently etched into his tongue.

Rocking back and forth now,
Seeing red, just like before except
Sharper, clearer
Because he knows it, he knows it
And it stills tastes like blood.

It still tastes like


My 'tatoes taste coppery D:

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Title: Walls of Grace
Pairing: Zexion / Demyx
Rating: K+ for notions of death
Warnings: Cute and innocent Demyx, for those who like manlier one.
Spoilers: ...Possibly for CoM.
Summary: "I promise you walls," he said cryptically.
Notes: This was for someone on dA, and I rather like it. Some of the dialog are excerpts from Shiny Toy Gun's "I Promise You Walls", and I own that song not. XD;

It wasn't fair.Collapse )

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I blame kiyokushitaka I really do.

Title: Never Mind
Rating: hard R, not quite NC-17
Warnings: RAPE. OOC
Summary: He had done nothing wrong, he thinks, nothing worth being punished over. And he knew when he needed to be punished, he just protested anyways.
Notes: I honestly don't know? We saw a picture that was like seme!Roxas but it was questionable as to whether or not it was consensual... and thus... this. Happy April Fool's?

Never mind, never mind. No, nothing out of the ordinary.Collapse )

This is MEANT to confuse you. You're NOT supposed to know why.

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Title: Enlightenment
Characters: Demyx
Rating: K
Summary: It was his own personal snow globe, he realized, eyes widening in amusement. His own winter wonderland was right before his eyes. Then he had to strain to think – what did heart-heavy people do in their winter wonderlands?
Notes: I like how I change these little dressings that explain what the hell's under the cut every time I post something :D

existing only to mock the fact that nobody lived thereCollapse )

For someone on dA. They are so patient.

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Title: Dysfunction
Rating: T for allusions to mature themes
Summary: In a world past what normal, hardworking individuals see, the impoverished thrive.
Warnings: AU, implied rape, mild language
Spoilers?: None for now
Previous chapters: ffn iwriter dA
Notes: So this took a while... @_@ I know, I know... hopefully everyone hasn't forgotten about this thing... @___@

Technically, you’re not a registered member of society – you’re a nobody, kid – and even if you were, I think the police would question me more about leaving a kid bleeding his life out on the street after he stomped away and slipped on the iceCollapse )

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